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Spent Wash Utilization In China

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Utilization Of Anaerobically Treated Distillery Spent Wash

Pollution caused by distillery spent wash on one hand has stimulated the need to develop new technologies to treat the waste and on the other, forced us to reevaluate the efficient utilization of its nutritive potential for production of various high value compounds. In this study, anaerobically tre

Pdf Spentwash Utilization In Biocomposting A

Spent-wash utilization in aerobic composting is more than spent-wash consumption in anaerobic composting. The falling population of livestock has brought down the availability of farm yard manure ...

Utilization Of Anaerobically Treated Distillery Spent Wash

ConclusionsOur study confirms the successful utilization of anaerobically treated distillery spent wash in combination with wheat straw for the production of cellulases by A. ellipticus under solid-state fermentation. The work has demonstrated a possible way to introduce a value added step

Distillery Spent Wash Treatment Technologies And

Apr 15, 2009 The production and the characteristics of the spent wash are highly variable and dependent on the raw material used and various aspects of the ethanol production process , .Wash water used to clean the fermenters, cooling water blow down and broiler water blow down further contribute to its variability .Distillery spent wash has very high biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand ...

Sugarcane Distillery Spent Wash Dsw As A Bionutrient

agronomy Review Sugarcane Distillery Spent Wash (DSW) as a Bio-Nutrient Supplement A Win-Win Option for Sustainable Crop Production Muhammad Umair Hassan 1, Muhammad Aamer 1, Muhammad Umer Chattha 2, Tang Haiying 1, Imran Khan 2, Mahmoud F. Seleiman 3,4, Adnan Rasheed 5, Muhammad Nawaz 6, Abdul Rehman 2, Muhammad Talha Aslam 2, Aniqa Afzal 7 and Guoqin Huang 1,* ...

Utilisation Of Distillery Spent Wash In Agriculture

Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 2017 The Fertilisation potential of Spent Wash. In spite of the recalcitrant nature of spent wash and the enormous damage, which may be caused as a result of uncontrolled discharge of untreated spent wash into water bodies and lands, many authors have classified it as a dilute organic fertilizer with 7 to 9% solids and 90 to 93% water.

Nutrient Composition Of Spent Wash And Its Impact On

Oct 06, 2011 Nutrient composition of crude and digested spent wash and effect of their application on sugarcane growth and biochemical attributes were studied. Higher concentrations of essential nutrients (P, S, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu) and heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Ni and Pb) were present in crude spent wash (CSW) as compared to the digested spent wash (DSW) sulphur content was the highest (765 g ml1 in DSW and ...

Pdf Characterization Of Spent Wash From Different

Spent wash has generated in huge quantities (6.8xl010 L yr-1) in the country and highly acidic (pH 3.5-4.5) in nature and having considerable manurial potential (Chhonkar et al. 2000 Kumari and ...

Pdf Utilization Of Sugar Industry Wastes In Agriculture

spent-wash generated is acidic in nature, having dark brown colour with unpleasant odour, high COD, and BOD (1,00,000 and 45,000 mg/l).Use of spent-wash for bio-methanation Around 1100 million ...

Pdf Physicochemical Characteristics Of Spentwash Of

Distillery spent wash is a rich source of organic matter and nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulfur. In addition, it contains sufficient amount of micro-nutrients such ...

Sustainable Valorization Of Sugar Industry Waste Status

May 01, 2020 In India and Brazil, spent wash is mainly used in the field for fertilizer and irrigation (fertirrigation) applications or composted along with press mud after anaerobic digestion of spent wash (Fito et al., 2019), whereas in China, spent wash is used as fertilizer in combination with

Utilization Of Electrocoagulationtreated Spent Wash

Jul 28, 2015 Jul 28, 2015 Minimization , utilization and disposal of industrial waste are very important from the environmental esthetic point of view. Sludge generated during the treatment of distillery spent wash by electrocoagulation process is highly complex in nature and requires proper disposal. In this context, the present study was conducted to employ the electrocoagulation-generated sludge as a partial ...

Utilization Of Diluted Distillery Spentwash As

organic effluent. A huge amount of spent wash has been produced by the distilleries in India whose disposal into water bodies or land causes a number of environmental problems. Now-a-days emphasis is laid on waste minimization and revenue generation through byproduct recovery.

Pdf Environmental Management And Uses Of

and 100% suggested dose of NPK regarded for highest exchange of Na by calcium that ascribed from spent wash source 118. One time utilization of 150m 3 ha -1 took after by two leachig and ...

Utilization Of Molasses Spentwash For Production Of

Present study describes the treatment of molasses spentwash and its use as a potential low cost substrate for production of biopolymer polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) by waste activated sludge. Fluorescence microscopy revealed the presence of PHB granules in sludge biomass which was further confirmed by f

Different Method Of Spent Wash Treatment

6. For 5 to 12 % solids containing spent wash, the filler material (PMC) to spent wash ratio prescribed is 1 2.5 for 45 days cycle and 13.5 for 60 days cycle. 7. For concentrated bio-methanated spent wash (20 to 30 % solids), the filler material (PMC) to spent wash ratio prescribed is 1 1.6 for 60 days cycle. 8.

Studies On The Impact Of Irrigation Of Distillery

Increased concentration of spentwash causes decreased seed germination, seedling growth and chlorophyll content in Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) and the spent wash could safely use for irrigation purpose at lower concentration (Rajendra, 1990 Ramana et al., 2001). The spent wash contained an excess of various forms of cations and anions, which are injurious to plant growth and these constituents should be reduced to

Utilization Of Anaerobically Treated Distillery Spent Wash

IntroductionDistillery spent wash (DSW) is the residual liquid waste generated during alcohol production and pollution caused by it is one of the most critical environmental issues. The DSW poses a serious threat to the water quality in several regions around the globe due to its characteristics such as high organic load, dark brown colour and unpleasant odor (Pant and Adholeya, 2007Satyawali and Balakrishnan, 2008).

Production Process In Modern Grain Based

After separation of suspended solids from spent wash the supernatant obtained from decanter is termed as thin slope. Thin slope containing solids approximate 2.5 % is send to Multiple effect evaporator to enhance the concentration up to 32 35%. Multiple effect evaporator is a set

Environmental Science And Information Application

Jul 04, 2009 Jul 04, 2009 Analysis and Utilization of the Climatic Resources in Xiangxi River Basin pp. 217-220. ... Methane Recovery and Energy Generation in Spent Wash Wastewater Treatment pp. 304-307. ... Simulated Distribution and Sensitivity of Vegetation Types in China in

Pdf Biodegradation Of Distillery Spent Wash In Anaerobic

Biodegradation of distillery spent wash in anaerobic hybrid reactor. Gurdeep Singh. Sunil Gupta. Gurdeep Singh. Sunil Gupta. Related Papers. 2,850-of-hazardous- and-special-products. By priti shinde. The effect of sulphide on the anaerobic degradation of propionate. By Arjen Rinzema.

Pdf Characterization Of Spent Wash From Different

Such situation has created a problem of spent wash disposal with the expansion of distilleries of growing contries. Spent wash has generated in huge quantities (6.8xl010 L yr-1) in the country and ...